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Free Art Drive

Have you donated to an organization that is working to support #blacklivesmatter ?

Memorial funds, bail funds, org funds, gofundme’s — if you’ve put money behind the cause $50 or more I will send you a piece of work, for free!*

(*Shipping costs covered for continental U.S.)

That’s right. Free art!


How to submit

  1. DM me on instagram (@themonarq) with a donation receipt

  2. Let me know which piece you’d like and your address

  3. And that’s it!

Don’t use instagram? Use the contact form here to submit.


Thank you to everyone who has offered to send coin my way to help offset the art drive costs! I’d like to make it easier—if you’d like to donate funds you can donate via any of the below:

Already Claimed Art

Thank you for donating 🙏🏾 !